a space where you can rest,
                                  catch your breath,
                                                  heal and revitalise

“For as long as I can remember I have felt called to help people in a hands-on way.
 I am grateful to the thousands of patients who have trusted me with their health        care over the past 14 years. It continues to be a privilege to serve in this way.”

My name is Cathy Bell and I own Yin Studio.  It is a calm, relaxed home-based clinic,  that has built a solid reputation over the past 14 years, being widely recommended by GP's, Chiropractors and Osteopaths in the local area. It is recognised by most major Health Fund Providers.

Yin Studio takes it's name from the female yin energy.  The concepts of Yin and Yang are the cornerstones of traditional Chinese Medicine.  Yin symbolises sensitivity, acceptance, nurturing, slowness, intuition, relaxation, quietness and stillness. It is all about nourishment at every level - physical, mental and spiritual.  Yang symbolises light, activity, heat, rational and logical thinking, forthrightness, mental stimulation.  Ideally we want a balance of each of these as they support each other creating harmony of mind, body and spirit. 

In this fast-paced modern world, we tend to aspire to more yang attributes such as working long hours, ambition, will power, less sleep, vigorous exercise, overactivity and excess mental stimulation. This can lead to imbalances that manifest in ill health such as anxiety, depression, digestive problems, migraines, hormonal problems etc.

Cathy is registered with AHPRA, Australian Health Practitioners Registration Authority, the Australian government based registration authority to which all health practitioners and doctors belong.
She's also a member of  ANTA, Australian Natural Therapists Association. Health rebates are available.

Experience Counts...
My professional development includes study with some of the leading Chinese medicine experts: including US Chinese Medicine Master Dr Richard Tan; US facial acupuncture specialist Mary Elizabeth Wakefield; and fertility specialist Jane Lyttleton

I have worked in this industry now for around 14 years, often working alongside doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths and naturopaths.

This style of medicine just makes sense and I am so passionate about the work that I do.  It is non-invasive and very effective for a wide range of ailments.  Before encountering Chinese medicine, I had never really thought about why we become ill.  I had assumed that some people were 'unlucky' and became unhealthy while others were lucky and managed to stay well.  Thankfully, many people are now understanding that there are underlying causes to  illness and they can ​participate in their own wellbeing.   


Because acupuncture does not have to be expensive in order to be effective. Because I am pleased to challenge the notion of value being attached to price. Because nothing breaks through the isolation of pain, illness and depression like healing in a quiet, peaceful studio. Because my favourite way to spread the word about how well acupuncture works is to make it available to people.  Because there aren’t enough spaces where people switch off mobile phones and slumber in peace. Because it is one of the oldest systems of medicine in the world and I believe one of the least invasive and most effective. BecauseI love my work and I can’t imagine doing anything else.


Prior to working in this industry, I had always been a musician and worked in music-related fields such as radio, performing arts organisations like the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, music promotions and event management.

In my early twenties I suffered from a mystery illness that kept me bedridden for around four months.  After numerous blood tests and no improvement, acupuncture was recommended to me.  Within 4 weeks was back at work on the way to making a full recovery.  

After this I sought acupuncture for many other issues; pregnancy, headaches, digestive issues and fatigue.  During this time I learned so much from my acupuncturist about the Chinese medicine perspective of health and was empowered to make improvements in my diet and lifestyle to enable optimum vitality and wellbeing. 

The stress of my work then led me into having regular massages.  This inspired me to study remedial massage. Meeting clients with other health challenges that I could not assist with massage techniques rekindled my passion for Chinese medicine.